JOIN HILLARY: Together we can END Citizens United!

Hillary Clinton just made ending Citizens United and getting dark money out of politics major planks in the platform she’s running on in the 2016 presidential campaign:

"We need to fix our dysfunctional political system and get unaccountable money out of it once and for all, even if it takes a constitutional amendment”

-Hillary Clinton, April 2015

Hillary’s inclusion of campaign finance reform as a central issue in her campaign is an exciting step forward in the fight to endCitizens United and fix our broken campaign finance system.

Join the millions who have already taken action -- including Hillary Clinton and Democrats around the country -- by adding your name and supporting candidates and elected officials committed to ending Citizens United.

Sen. Tammy Baldwin
Sen. Al Franken
Sen. Harry Reid
Sen. Tom Udall
Sen. Chuck Schumer
Sen. Mazie Hirono
Sen. Claire McCaskill
Rep. Nancy Pelosi
Rep. Cheri Bustos
Rep. Carolyn Maloney
Rep. Brad Schneider
Rep. Patrick Murphy
Rep. Raul Ruiz
Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick
Governor Ted Strickland
Annette Taddeo, Candidate for Congress
The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee
The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee
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